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Macrame and Free Love

July 10, 2009


I found a great 1970’s Macrame instructional in the thrift store some years ago and have kept it in my book corner with the promise of opening it and learning all of the techniques. While I still haven’t learned every technique it contains, I’ve enjoyed learning some of them, and totally appreciate this classic tradition.

Macrame was once immensely popular during the Hippie Days of Americana glamour, with bohemian girls creating their own hemp headbands while soaking up the midwest sun amid the sounds of Joni Mitchell and the feeling of free love. Although flipping through the pages of this book is perhaps the closest I will get to experiencing this bygone era, macrame designs are wonderful for modern times.

I’m practicing the four cord plaiting technique, and hope to create a series of simple necklaces reminiscent of 70’s hippies fashion. I’m excited at the idea of playing with different colors and textures, and hope to pay respectable homage to the free-spirited gypsies dancing in my imagination.


This technique is also a way to reinterpret the twisted rope I spotted at the Botanical Gardens a few days ago.

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