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Dumpster Diving

July 11, 2009


I went with my friend with my friend Delwin to his first photography gig in New York. The event was a hip-hop competition sponsored by Budweiser…definitely not my scene but nonetheless interesting. Walking back to the train station, I spotted something amazing — a mannequin leg!

Usually stores don’t throw mannequin parts away, as I suppose they’re pretty expensive to make. But here it was, in plain view among a heap of trash. I certainly couldn’t pass this up. I am a bonafide thrift store junkie, and love anything free that I could potentially put some good use to. Maybe I’ll make that leg lamp in “A Christmas Story” or, as my friend Sean suggested, I could make some fun anklets and incorporate them in my Etsy shop. Or I could simply display it in my room among the other oddities I have collected over the years.

Hidden underneath the mannequin leg was a slab of plaster with some pretty cool holes in it. I decided to use it as a place to store my loose change.


It was Christmas in July!

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