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The Green Jumpsuit

July 25, 2009

Green Suit

“Ask and ye shall receive”

I had been wanting and searching for a military body suit for a while. I love the way they look and they’re so comfortable. I had researched some military ones online and they ran up to $100!

Coincidently, I went to the thrift store yesterday (yes, I’m addicted–but with good reason!). I had came there with the intention of picking up a camera I saw the previous time I went there. I actually found a much better one, complete with an extra lens, separate flash and instruction manual. It is a 1980’s KS Super 35mm SLR Camera from Sears. I’m super excited to test it out!

On the way to checkout, my eye drifted toward this amazing, genuine military green one-piece. It was love at first sight. It fits me perfectly and I was so anxious to wear it that I wore it today.

I’m thinking of adding some red stitching all over it to lessen the militaristic look, although my mother thinks its fine as is.

This confirms my love for thrift stores. You never know what you’ll find!

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