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Inspiration: Metal Gates and Rails

August 16, 2009


Lately I have been inspired by indigenous cultures and tribal jewelry, particularly in parts of Africa, Asia and New Guinea. I am working on new items for Chauncey P. Graham that will hopefully convey the vivid colors and raw textures found within these rich cultures. These textured materials include raffia, hemp twine, clay and cowrie shells, with colors like deep purple, tan and brown, coral and sea blue.

God willing, I will have all new items by September 25th, 2009.

Still, in spite of my current focused direction, I am always on the lookout for new inspiration. My parents came to visit this past week and I took my mother across the Brooklyn Bridge. The view was certainly inspiration enough, but just as I was entering the Brooklyn Bridge/ City Hall Train Station, something else caught my eye. The steel cables that closed off the train entrance was made into a beautifully warped and asymmetrical design. This is the work of artist Mark Gibian, whose placed these amazing structures, titled “Cable-Crossing,” throughout the station. If you are in the New York City area, I definitely recommend checking it out.


Roaming through New York with Mommy again the next day, I began noticing other metal structures, including this twisted rail on a major highway that looks strikingly similar to my newest necklaces.
It is fun to see connections between native and indigenous aesthetics with urban sculpture, and it has given me all new ideas on ways to merge the two together!

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