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Estes Park, CO

September 8, 2009


I’ve spent the last five days tucked in the arms of the Rocky Mountains.

I was apart of the worship team for Reconciling Ministries Network‘s 2009 Justice and Joy Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, about two hours from Denver. It was a time of celebration for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) United Methodists and their allies. Hundreds of people gathered together to proclaim God’s love and acceptance of people from all sexual orientations and gender identities. For the first time in my life, I discovered a connection between my sexuality and spirituality.

I arrived back in New York today, and have seen and experienced so much that it will take me a day or two to recuperate and digest before I can attempt to explain everything. Suffice it to say that these five days were some of the most eye-opening, filling and inspiring days I have ever had. It was almost nothing like I expected, and more than what I thought I needed. I cried, laughed, talked and worshiped with people connected to me by a common thread; a thread I thought would never have a place inside a church.

For this trip, I decided to use my 35mm camera more than my digital one. Once the pictures are developed, I will have more to tell :)


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