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A Streetcar and Classic Fashion

September 23, 2009



I watched “A Streetcar Named Desire” a few days ago. It is a classic 1951 film about a wayward woman (Vivian Leigh) with a dark past who comes to stay with her sympathetic sister (Kim Hunter) and her intimidating and harsh husband (Marlon Brando). Without giving away too many details, much drama and feelings of mistrust arise, eventually culminating in violence and insanity. It’s a really great film.

This was Marlon Brando’s breakout role, and his status as the ultimate male sex symbol resonates even today, even if his character was a tyrant. His combination of brutish masculinity and child-like vulnerability is instantly magnetic, and his undeniable good looks adds to this charm.



I love movies from this time period, particularly the fashion in them (get into Marlon Brando’s shoes in the above picture!).

This fall, I have been dreaming of completely changing my wardrobe and focusing solely on layered scarves and shawls (of course), simple and muted shirts and high-waist pants, inspired by the tailored men’s fashion of this “classic” era. Some of my main sources of inspiration are the looks of Gene Kelly, Harry Belafonte and even author Truman Capote.

Gene Kelly. Source: LIFE Magazine

Source: LIFE Magazine

Harry Belafonte. Source: LIFE Magazine

Source: LIFE Magazine

 Truman Capote. Source: LIFE Magazine

Source: LIFE Magazine

While I don’t have the money to completely splurge on a new closet, I have been trying to find a few pieces that will help me achieve this look. At the thrift store, I found these amazing high-waisted red pants, probably made in the 80’s. The other day, I paired it with a yellow tank top, an American Apparel cardigan and old H&M flip-flops, and handmade necklaces that will soon be in my Etsy shop:

Photographer: Welton Goodwin

Photographer: Welton Goodwin

As I’m growing older, it is fun to see how my fashion tastes and preferences change. For anyone, fashion should be fun! Don’t feel restricted or confined when it comes to your wardrobe. Experiment and play around with different looks. It’s amazing how one fun piece of clothing could brighten your whole day :)

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