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Green Pants and Fall’s Beginning

October 2, 2009

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Settling back into normalcy after two whirlwind weeks of traveling, de-cluttering and baby showers (my cousin’s), it was nice to spend a few moments outside with friends the other day.

Now in October (can you believe it?), the New York City air is steadily getting crisper, and the excitement of changing leaves and layered clothing lay on the tip of everyone’s reddening noses.

In my previous post, I mentioned that my latest fashion inspirations were the classic looks of the 40’s and 50’s. I am drawn to icons like Gene Kelly and Harry Belafonte, with their tailored shirts and high-waist pants, muted color palettes and chic shoes. Their looks were mostly simple, yet forthright. While they were indeed fashionable, their authority and professionalism were never overshadowed. I like this idea, as well as the look and feel of this style.

The outfit pictured above was entirely thrifted. I found these wonderful Chartreuse pants in a Harlem thrift store, and they have instantly become my new favorites. In the same store I discovered a beautiful pair of narrow, leather shoes. They are still a little tight when I wear them, but I am hoping they are going to stretch with continued use. Here’s a great tip when purchasing shoes from the thrift store:

Take them to the shoe repair.

The neighborhood shoe repairman added a new heel, fixed the inside lining that was peeling, and cleaned and buffed them for 20 dollars. It was a worthwhile investment, especially considering the shoes were only 6 dollars.

I paired these great finds with a blue thermal, a simple silk scarf, a distressed leather bag and old leather belt. They were all thrifted finds!

I am looking forward to fall in the City :)

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

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