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The Cavelia Necklace

October 4, 2009

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

I decided to begin selling some of my new accessories on my Etsy shop, Chauncey P. Graham, beginning with a line I call The Cavelia Necklaces. Cavelia was the name of my grandmother, a woman with a sharp tongue, soft heart and impeccable style — the kind who wore suits and hats while going grocery shopping. Her closet contained pieces she may have bought years ago, yet her sense of fashion was timeless.

While she passed away a few years ago, I thought it would be nice to make something she may have liked to wear.

The Cavelia Necklaces are made with a mixture of mercerized cotton and metallic yarn (other colors will be added soon). Each necklace was hand-crocheted with a small 3.5mm hook, and contain over 1,000 crocheted stitches. They are made without any type of clasp or closure, in order for a person to quickly wear it without any extra preparation. It is great for both day and evening, and is purposefully simple, in order for it compliment your natural style, not overwhelm it.


Delwin Kamara, a wonderful photographer and friend, took a few pictures of me and the Cavelia Necklaces for my shop. Our apartment building is made with beautiful stone walls, and contains an outside passageway into a small courtyard. It reminds me of Italy, and we decided to take the pictures there.

I really wanted the shots to be natural, so I decided to think aloud while Delwin took the pictures.The results were really interesting, and Delwin and I couldn’t help but laugh as I was essentially talking to myself the entire time. Nevertheless, I think the shots captured who I really am, not me trying to “pose” or be a model.

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

One again, my outfit reminds me of the ’40’s and 50’s. I’m really feeling this look right now :) The shirt, belt, bag and pants were all thrifted, while the shoes are Giorgio Brutini.

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

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