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October 18, 2009

Photograph Courtesy of

Photograph Courtesy of

When web-surfing, I hardly ever venture onto fashion websites because I dislike the feeling of looking at things I can’t have. It’s sort of like watching someone eat a big, juicy hamburger when you’re really hungry — why torture yourself?

Still, considering that I really love fashion in spite of my empty pockets, I do come across some websites that makes me really excited…and tempted to rebelliously splurge.

One such site is, an Asian-based online store that aims to bring their regional style to the world. I’m a huge fan of Asian style. Without meaning to over-generalize, their clothes seem to fit perfectly, and they never seem to take fashion too seriously. Alot of Asian style that I see playfully uses color and shapes. They also often experiment with a range of silhouettes, not just resorting to those that are overtly sexual. carries an extensive range of refreshing men’s fashion too. Here are a couple of pieces I am completely in love with:

The Double-Breasted Vest from SLOWBABA:

Photograph Courtesy of

Photograph Courtesy of

This could be perfect for any weather! I could definitely see it with a simple thermal in the Fall, or as a layered piece in the Winter. I love the tails in the back, and the cut in the front!

Long Cardigan by deepstyle:

Photography Courtesy of

Photograph Courtesy of

For me, this season is all about the words “comfortable” and “oversived.” I also really want to do alot of layering. This cardigan is so perfect for all of that! It is a staple piece — the kind that you can wear on any day of the week, and can be transitioned into other seasons. I love that!

Convertible Hooded Muffler by Peeps:

Photograph Courtesy of

Photograph Courtesy of

This is definitely another staple piece! I love head-gear. I’ve put everything from scarves to snow hats to newsboys caps on my head. This Hooded Muffler would definitely get alot of use from me! I love how long it is, and how you can play with it to get different looks.

Belted Coat by deepstyle:

Photograph Courtesy of

Photograph Courtesy of

This is just too cool! The capelet at the top is so much fun — very Sherlock Holmes. What’s even better is that the capelet is detachable, which makes the whole look even more amazing!

* Please note that I have not purchased anything from this website yet. I’m simply an online window shopper for now! As with any e-commerce website, please exercise caution when purchasing. I suggest using, a safe portal for online transactions.

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