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The Green Cavelia and A Foggy Mind

October 25, 2009


Have you ever felt hazy?

It is a sort of directionless, wired, half-confused state of mind, as if I were running along a dark path and then suddenly, breathless and tired, stop to discover I do not know where I am running to, or from. It is a peculiar feeling, one that creates neither despair or frustration, just inexplicable detachment, even apathy. This is how I felt today, as rain tapped outside my bedroom window.

Days like this, when my thoughts are blended and muffled, I prefer to stay in bed. Oftentimes, simply being still is the best remedy for a foggy mind. I have to remember to do that from time to time.

Nevertheless, there were things I wanted to accomplish today, in spite of my mental cloudiness.

I finally posted a new Cavelia necklace on my Etsy shop, this time in green. Cavelia was the name of my maternal grandmother. She was an incredibly chic woman with impeccable style that was neither overdone or bland. The Cavelia Necklace is sort of an homage to her. They are simple crocheted necklaces that can be worn during the day or the evening. They are meant to be relaxed yet stylish — just the way I like it:)

This item and more is in my Etsy shop.

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

Photography by Delwin Kamara

The day was also spent in Manhattan at dinner with my longtime friend, Elliott. He is visiting from Florida, and it was really nice to see him. Friends are a great remedy for relieving a cloudy mind too, as they often distract you from your own self-indulgence.

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