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Layers and 80’s Leather

November 4, 2009


I’m surprised at how warm the weather has been lately.

Each day I am greeted by near perfect fall weather: a crisp yet timid chill, a slight breeze and subdued sunshine. It’s been wonderful. Although I’m sure December through March will be ridiculously cold, I’ll just cherish the last few days of warmth for now.

Nights are equally as pleasant, so today’s outfit consisted of just a few layers that worked out fine for both the morning and evening.

I still am in desperate need of cold-conscious clothing though, as I prefer just wearing one simple, warm layer. But for now, with a tight budget, I have to mix and match what I have. As I am a notorious thrift-store junkie, a lot of my fall clothing is vintage. While my favorite fashions come from the classic 40’s and 50’s, once in a while a good 80’s piece makes its way into my closet.



Look familiar?


Photo from

This leather jacket is classic 80’s! I absolutely love its lines and fit, and, of course, the shoulder pads. Today I layered it with a Triple Five Soul vest (bought at a great vintage store called Rags A Go-Go), a thrifted dark blue, wool vest and a thrifted plaid shirt. The bottom were simple Levi’s jeans and vintage Bally shoes.


My jewelry of choice was a red, handmade necklace. Similar styles are available in my Etsy shop:)

It was a mixture of 80’s chic and 50’s style with a modern edge. While I can’t afford to purchase an all-new winter wardrobe, it’s fun to see what alternatives I can come up with, and what eras I incorporate into my daily style!

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