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Doodles and Masks

November 19, 2009

Sometimes I like to draw.

I am by no means a bonafide, or even skilled, sketch artist, but I often find myself doodling randomly, especially when bored. For some reason, I like to draw side profiles of people (what does this say about me?). I love people with unique faces, especially those with prominent features. I am a huge fan of the “character nose.”

Lately, alot of my doodles have featured side profiles with masks. I haven’t a clue why, but I like masks. I’m not particularly fond of scary masks, but rather the ornate and bejewled, or artistic and fun, ones. I’d love to create a collection of fun masks (perhaps incorpating crochet or macrame?), and would absolutely recommend to customers that they should wear them all-year round, not just on Halloween :)

While thinking of costume ideas this year, my friend Sean and I made two masks by cutting a pre-existing paper-mache one in half. He decorated his half and I decorate mine. For my half, I cut strips of used film like jagged teeth, and sewed them in a layered effect (like a shingled roof) using a sharp embroidery needle.

Voila! A super-easy mask!

Do I look mysterious? :)

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