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Ma Peche and Amy Ruth’s

November 23, 2009

A few days ago, I unexpectedly went to two amazing and completely different restaurants in one day. This is quite a feat, considering I hardly ever go out to eat (although this is increasingly becoming a thing of the past).

For lunch that day, a coworker recommended that we all go to Ma Peche, a newly formed Vietnamese restaurant inside the Chambers Hotel in Midtown. The restaurant is currently situated in what appears to be a converted waiting area (I was told that they plan to move to a larger area on the first floor of the hotel very soon). We sat next to the elevators, and ate on a spruced up coffee table. It was really quite charming.

They currently have a limited menu, but offer nice $10 lunch options. I chose the Bun Du Riz, a well-portioned blend of fantastically seasoned pork ragout, rice noodles and saw leaf herb. It left me satisfied without stuffed — perfect for a lunch meal.

Later on that evening, I met up with some friends for dinner at Amy Ruth’s, a Harlem soul food restaurant. I couldn’t have been more excited, as I love soul food. I haven’t encountered many restaurants that offer it in New York, so it was a wonderful variation from the usual food palette.

The food was delicious but very heavy. I wasn’t able to finish my plate of smothered porkchops, macaroni and cheese, with collard greens (doesn’t that sound amazing?!).

Still, the food was great and inexpensive (my dish cost around $12). They offer a breakfast menu as well as dessert options to drool over, like rum cake and peach cobbler. This means that it is very important that I go back!

Both restaurants, actually, will require another visit :)

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