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The Antoinette Necklace

December 4, 2009

Sketch of the Antoinette Necklace, by David Morgan (that's me!) for Chauncey P. Graham Accessories

Perhaps inevitably, I am artistically maturing — at least I think so anyway. This maturation does not mean that things I make are getting any more complex. Ironically, I am appreciating how beautiful simplicity is.

I am working on perfecting simply what I like, instead of trying to grasp the captivation of a mass audience or appeal to fleeting shock value (if there is such a thing in crochet, my medium of choice).

The newest things in my Etsy shop are simple and minimal, and my new Antoinette necklace is no different. It is made with a simple pattern of crochet and macrame, yet this simplicity yields stunning results.

This necklace is made with organic cotton yarn, crocheted and wrapped repeatedly. It is a cornucopia of texture that is both dramatic and subtle and I really love it!

I plan to create more very soon in different colors, but really love how muted that beige looks. I have an ashen blue and yellow that may look great as well. These are from a company called FibraNatura, and I purchased them in a store called Vardhman’s, within the Garment District of New York.

I feel like I am in such a great creative space right now. It is a very electric feeling :)

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