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Green Jacket and The Cold

December 22, 2009

It has suddenly been so cold here in New York that I can barely leave my bed. To make matters worse, my apartment has a terrible draft, which seems to penetrate through our makeshift winter protection and through every crack in the walls (I live with my brother Jason). It is bearable (nothing a fleece blanket won’t cure) but just annoying, and certainly makes getting dressed to leave especially irritating.

While I would love to be a hermit under my blankets all day, sometimes I really do need to get out.

I wore this outfit when going to work one day. Luckily, we work in a building that has an underground ramp from the subway station to the building doors, so I don’t have to stay outside very often.

This pants were given to me from Diesel (I used to work there) and the red necklace was (of course) handmade by me. The rest is completely thrifted. The shoes (a repeat from previous posts) were found in Harlem, while the rest were discovered in one of my favorite Maryland spots. The green jacket is an old Marine jacket that shockingly fit me perfectly when I found it…it’s one of my favorite pieces. I’ve pretty much worn that brown cowboy shirt to death (my coworkers informed me that it was coming apart in the back!) but I really love it.

A great thing about New York is that it really does cultivate individuality. Perhaps it’s due to the hodgepodge of cultures here, but I’m feeling myself grow more and more expressive. I have a strong feeling that in 2010 my outfits and design choices are going to get a little more costume-y :)

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