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The Mechanic

January 1, 2010

Have you ever heard of cosplay? Basically, it is a form of art where participants dress up as characters, like anime characters or famous movie roles. It is especially big in Japan, but has quite a large following in America too. Many cosplayers in the States incorporate specific time periods, like the Renaissance Era or the ’20’s. Essentially, it’s like Halloween, but on more than one day.

I like this idea of dressing up as characters. Oftentimes, I am inspired by different people from completely different cultures and time periods. These inspirations range from people like Fela Kuti to Little Edie Beale to Frida Kahlo — completely different personalities but all with a unique and infectious style. I often wake up “feeling” like a character, whether it be a Harlem Renaissance poet or a Afrobeat-loving bohemian. These characters change and shift as the day progresses, and is influenced by the music I listen to, the books I read or people I may interact with. This chameleon-like quality is a wonder of the animal kingdom in all its evolutionary glory — the ability to adapt according to one’s surroundings.

I have a feeling that these characters will be more pronounced and expressive as I get older. I am realizing there are really no limitations in fashion, and that societal roles and boundaries are arbitrary and subjective at best. Fashion should be fun, as Lady Gaga famously shows.

My mother and I went thrift store shopping a few weeks ago (it’s one of our bonding things), and she found this amazing work jumper. It’s super huge and oh so warm, in fact in the inside it says that it is “Blizzard-Proof.” My guess is that it is from the late 70’s – early 80’s. It is absolutely perfect for the frigid New York weather, and is insulated enough that I don’t even need to wear a coat when I have it on.

I wore it a few days ago while going to see the movie “The Princess and The Frog” (so adorable and highly recommended!), and paired it with black, horn-rimmed glasses, a thrifted paisley scarf, a thrifted grey cap and thrifted brown leather shoes.

I looked like a fashion-forward mechanic! If only they all dressed like this :)

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  1. akiackee permalink
    January 4, 2010 11:43 am

    Find me one in my size!!

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