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My “Where’s Waldo” Tote Bag

January 6, 2010

You can really never have enough tote bags. They are oh so easy to make, and can be made into an endless array of prints and patterns.

I made this one a few years ago, but recently found it again. The inspiration came from Lotta Jansdotter’s book, Simple Sewing. I think it came out pretty good, right? I’m a really impatient sewer, but do understand the satisfaction the many get when they’ve sewn up something that’s actually usable.

One of my life goals is to get to a point where I am making most of my own clothes. I have a pretty fickle sense of style, and it is often hard to find things in regular stores that I like (or can afford). Wouldn’t it be great if I could just whip up whatever comes to mind, like an amazing pair of pants or a tailored shirt? I’m certainly far, far away from doing that, but the idea is certainly gestating. The first step is to develop a steady, solid relationship with my sewing machine. We’re pretty on-and-off at the moment, but this year I resolve to make a better effort in showing her I care.

BurdaStyle has an incredibly wealth of sewing resources that I definitely need to use more. I’d love to make the Jason vest (which I [ahem] am modeling on the site) or the Pete t-shirt. Are you on BurdaStyle? Add me as a friend!

P.S. – I think Waldo would love this tote!

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