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Things I Want in 2010 – Pt. 3

January 22, 2010

Things I Want In 2010 Pt. 3
Things I Want In 2010 Pt. 3 by YesDavidIsHere on

I found this amazing site called Polyvore, which allows you to extract your favorite fashion images  to create really neat collages. It’s a fantastic way to archive all of the clothes and accessories you may find online, as it saves both the price and the link for future reference.

Here is my first set using the site, a compilation of some of the things I am obsessed with at the moment (from left to right):

  • Asymmetric Turtle Tee Shirt by deepstyle ($52) – I found this one on Yessstyle, and love both the cut and print. I am really into things that can be worn in many ways and with different things, and this certainly fits both categories. Plus, I love the draping collar. The price is really good too , which never hurts :)
  • Knitwear Pieces by Kevin Kramp – I can’t tell you how much I love the knitwear of designer Kevin Kramp. His work is absolutely stunning, a smorgasbord of draping tribal-wear and avant-garde fashion. These pieces look so comfortable and totally fits my style. Check out these amazing pants too:

    Photograph Extracted from Fashion by Kevin Kramp.

  • BDG Shawl Collar Pullover by Urban Outfitters ($28) – I love the collar on this pullover. It’s really simple, but I’d probably wear it all the time.

Add these to my ever-growing list of things I need in 2010. I really need to get some extra cash in order to buy all this stuff!

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