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Vintage in Uchenna

January 29, 2010

The 1st Official ZOOM! Catalog, made in 1972, now in!

My newest Etsy shop now features vintage!

I’ve been mulling the idea of selling vintage for quite some time, and have finally concluded that it’s perfectly fine for me to do it (I was a self-proclaimed “Etsy Purist,” with the idea that the site should be for handmade wares only). I’m a lifelong thrifter, more out of necessity than trend, and am always finding things that are amazing but that I really don’t need. I’ve reasoned that the vintage things I find shouldn’t be left to unappreciative hands.

I’m determined to not go overboard though, and to only sell things that I genuinely like, such as Jane Fonda’s 1981 Workout Book!

Or an exciting game of Dutch Blitz, made in 1973!

Yes, I know it’s pretty random, but I’m a pretty random guy! My dream home would be one filled with completely random gewgaws, like a museum of curiosities :)

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