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Mastering the Fried Potato

August 9, 2010

Whew! Forgive me for the slightly long absence between posts. This summer has been filled with work (two jobs), friends and a lot of crafting (I participated in a craft show this past Friday).

For a few weeks now, I’ve been doing a bit of regular exercising, which mainly consists of push-ups, sit-ups and dumbbell repetitions. I’m only spending about 15 minutes on this, but even with that little time I’m noticing a change in my body, as well as a major increase in appetite. I’ve always had a fast metabolism, but I really think the additional exercise has made it much, much faster. In order to curb this hankering, I’ve been trying to eat regular meals that consist of potatoes or other heavy foods (rice, chicken, etc.).

Potatoes are relatively simple to make, but the problem is that they require a lot of seasoning. I always think that I’ve seasoned them well, but upon taking my first bite I realize that I need just one of more dash of whatever spice I have lying around.

With my latest meal, I sauteed onions and added sage, italian seasoning and lemon pepper seasoning with the potatoes. I then fried the potatoes with a bit of olive oil. It smelled great, and tasted ok, too, but I not as seasoned as I really want them. My mother is a master of the fried potato, so I suppose I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to them, but I intend to perfect my potato skills soon.

How can I master the fried potato? What are some seasonings you use to get them just right?

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  1. August 9, 2010 11:41 am

    David, the key is to get the flavoring into the potato before you fry it. Try par boiling with your seasonings in the water first. Cook to semi hard, drain, cool and then fry. You can add surface seasonings as you fry them later to enhance the taste, but when you bite into the potato, you’ll find the seasoning goes right to the core.


    • David M. permalink*
      August 9, 2010 9:02 pm

      Thank you, Robert! I’ve never tried adding seasoning in the boiling water. Interesting! I’m definitely going to try that.

      – David

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